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This site is used for Carolina Taekwondo and Kicks 4 Christ students to find out their up and comming events as well as their ranking, testing, and curriculum.  If you have any trouble connecting entering this site please contact Ronnie or Danielle Hicks.

Welcome to the world of Martial Arts. We teach Taekwondo which became an Olympic Sport in the 2000 Olympics Games, and one of the fastest growing Martial Arts in the US today. If your looking for Self Defense, and being healthy then look to the world of Martial Arts.

Kicks 4 Christ
This is our Evangelistic Taekwondo group that has 3 main mission to spread the Lord’s word, to keep ourselves healthy and to keep ourselves safe. More information go to
Have a bless day!

If you need access to this website please fill out the information on the contact page so we can confirm your a student
Thank you

Kam Sa Ham Ni Da
Master Ronnie Hicks
USAT Certified Referee
USAT Certified Coach

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